NADE 2023 Awards Update

  1. Each chapter is responsible for selecting and nominating their own members on the approved forms.
  2. Nominations must be submitted by June 2nd, 2023 5:00 pm EST, to Jennifer Forde, NADE Awards Chair. These should be emailed to Please be sure to type the address exactly as shown. Award nominations must be submitted electronically.
  3. The nomination form should be typed and should explain in detail how the nominee exemplified the specific criteria of each award. It is preferred that only the nominee’s identifying information be listed on the nomination form while an additional page(s) is submitted to include the narrative for the nomination.
  4. Please avoid referring to the member or chapter by name or any geographical identifying information in the nomination narrative. This could result in disqualification of the nomination. Attach the nomination form with the name of the award and the nominee to the written narrative contained on an additional page(s).
  5. Each chapter is limited to one nomination per award.

Thank you for your assistance with the NADE awards program. If anyone has any questions, please contact Jennifer Forde at (202) 741-0460 or by email at